Wreck-it Ralph Dominates US Box Office

5 November 2012

Disney's new ode to videogaming has stormed the US box office in its opening weekend. 

The family-aimed movie, about a video game villain who decides he's had enough of being a bad guy, took in $49.1m in its first three days. 

The haul is the biggest opening for a non-Pixar animated Disney release, beating 2010's Tangled. Unfortunately, we have to wait until February for the UK release. 

Meanwhile, the Robert Zemeckis-directed Flight, starring Denzel Washington, also enjoyed a successful opening with a $25m opening in far fewer screens across the States. 

The movie features Washington as a pilot who saves a passenger jet from certain doom, only for his hero status to lead to intense scrutiny of his private life, and alcohol issues. 

It's the first time Zemeckis has made a live-action movie since 2001's Castaway, and his best opening per-screen since Back To The Future 2. 

Interestingly, Argo continues to defy the accepted logic that a movie should drop out of the running after the openng fortnight, taking another $10m in its third week to stay in third place. 

Weekend Total
1.  Wreck-It Ralph $49.1m $49.1
2.  Flight $25.1m $25
3.  Argo $10.2m $75.9
4.  The Man with the Iron Fists $8.2m $8.2
 Taken 2 $6m $125.6
6.  Cloud Atlas $5.3m $18.2
7.  Hotel Transylvania $4.5m $137.5
8.  Paranormal Activity 4 $4.3m $49.5
9.  Here Comes the Boom $3.6m $35.5
10.  Silent Hill: Revelation 3D $3.3m $13.8