World War Z sequel gets a director

11 December 2013

Juan Antonio Bayona to helm new film.

The wheels are firmly in motion for a second World War Z film, and a director has just been confirmed: Juan Antonio Bayona.

Marc Forster, director of this year’s original, declined to return for the sequel, and Paramount have been hungrily hunting for someone to fill his boots.

Bayona’s CV includes horror film The Orphanage and tsunami thriller The Impossible.

Brad Pitt will return to star in the zombie-based thriller, originally based on the book by Max Brooks.

Speculation is now open on what the sequel will be called, given that the original started with the last letter of the alphabet. Does it go backwards (World War Y) or back around again (World War A), or does it add a rather clunky number (World War Z 2)? Or a rather sleepy extra ‘z’ (World War Zz)?

Answers on a postcard, please.

[Source: Slashfilm]