Willis Confirms Die Hard 5 Start Date

5 October 2010 by Matt Risley

Die Hard With a Vengeance 01Bruce Willis is back for Die Hard 5.While Bruce Willis had earlier teased a possible Die Hard 5, it appears things are moving ahead a lot quicker than anyone suspected.

Willis has confirmed he'll star in John McClane's fifth adventure, and that the movie's start date is just around the corner.

The Expendables star discussed the project whilst promoting his other Hardcore OAP Action flick Red.

"It's probably going to happen in 2011," he confessed to MTV amidst the sound of a million manly squeals. "We have a script. They're making a couple changes right now."

While it's great to see Willis back in the iconic white vest, we're hoping that the aforementioned changes will make sure to omit any of the bonkers techno-babble that infected Die Hard 4's McClane vs The Internet plot.


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