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29 August 2014

Summer cops out.

DI As Above, So Below (1)The end of Summer is a tough time for movie companies. They've used up their big guns, but there's still enough time to cash in on the holiday mood. So as the new term begins, we're presented with the cinematic equivalent of yesterday's barbecue, comprising a gritty bit of horror, an undercooked comedy, a slice of young adult cheese, and a Disney-glazed hunk of Hamm.

In the latest addition to the found-footage horror genre, As Above, So Below finds a team of intrepid explorers driven crazy by something unspeakable in the catacombs beneath Paris. But is the horror all in their minds?

In a switch of character from Kick-Ass to Kleen-Ex, Chloe Grace Moretz stars in teen weepie If I Stay as a high-schooler whose budding romance is cut short by a car crash. Her resulting out-of-body experience makes her wonder whether her life is actually worth hanging on for.

Million Dollar ArmBased on a true story, Disney's Million Dollar Arm stars Mad Men's Jon Hamm as a sports agent who runs a competition to give young Indian cricketers a shot at becoming the next baseball superstar. Feelgood stuff for sure, but with cricket of little interest to America and the rest of the world feeling the same about baseball, it's not an easy pitch.

Saving the worst til last, Let's Be Cops stars Damon Wayans Jr and Jake Johnson as a pair of partygoers whose police costumes get them mistaken for the real thing. Which is all good fun until they run into real criminals and the real LAPD. Just don't expect any real laughs.


Lucy-DIAfter two weeks at the top, The Inbetweeners inevitably find themselves bested by a girl as Scarlett Johansson's drug-enhanced superchick Lucy blitzes all before her to go to Number One.

Thus the Inbetween boys and Guardians Of The Galaxy drop a place each, with the highest new entry - tempestuous disaster flick Into The Storm sweeping in at number four. To be fair, this week's chart is slightly skewed as Sin City 2 only opened wide on Monday, thus missing out on the weekend box office party.

Fellow new entries Deliver Us From Evil and What If... took fifth and sixth spots, respectively. Tellingly, Doctor Who fans were so keen to see the first episode of the new series that they paid to see it in cinemas. As a result, a TV programme stands at number 8 in the movies charts. The times, they are a-changing.

1     Lucy (new)
2     The Inbetweeners 2
3     Guardians of the Galaxy
4     Into The Storm (new)
5     Deliver Us From Evil (new)
6     What If (new)
7     Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
8     Doctor Who: Deep Breath (new)
9     Secret Cinema: Back to the Future
10   The Expendables 3

Here's the quickfire video rundown of this week's chart:

[Chart updated 28/08/14]