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11 April 2014

Kick off.
The-Raid-2-Berandal-05Action sequel The Raid 2 has arrived, and even though it might lack the surprise factor of the original Indonesian movie, the fast-paced fight sequences reach a new level of ridulous fun. 

The plot picks up immediately after the tower block-based lunacy of The Raid, as our hero Rama goes undercover with the gang who nearly beat him to death, in order to trace the corruption back to his own police force. 

If you want your thrills to come from even further afield than Indonesia, then it's off to the red planet for The Last Days On Mars, in which a group of astronaut boffins - including Olivia William's antsy scientist and Liev Shreiber's systems officer - are coming to the end of an unsuccessful mission to collect specimens on Mars. However, just as they are about to leave, egghead Marko Petrovich (Goran Kostic) goes out for one more root around...and doesn't live to regret it.

Calvary CW 1

Brendan Gleeson, meanwhile, has reteamed with The Guard director John Michael McDonagh for Calvary. A far darker tale than the pair's previous effort in which Gleeson plays an Irish Catholic priest, Father James Levell, who hears a stranger confesses his plan to kill him in a week's time. As Levell tries to figure out who might want him dead the most, he's forced to soak up the vitriol from the morally questionable parish. 

However, if horror is your thing, then The Quiet Ones should pique your interest. Mad Men's Jared Harris plays Professor Coupland, whose unorthodox techniques get a little out of hand when he uses his favourite pupils to perform experiments on a young woman who seems to be a beacon for paranomal occurrences. 

Coupland belives the haunted girl can be cured, and the apparent ghost, known as 'Evie', is little more than a manifestation of her own psyche, but as the experiments play out in, obviously, a creepy house, the pupils begin to wonder if the haunting is all too real. 



After the non-surprise of seeing Captain America 2 take the top spot last week, we've got an even bigger non-surprise this time round as family sequel Rio 2 tops the box office weekend at the start of the school holidays. 

The £3m opening was in line with expectations, and especially positive for Blue Sky Studios given Captain America: The Winter Soldier was only in its second week. The Marvel movie still took a hefty £2.7m despite the colourful animation's dominance.

Darren Aronofsky's Noah was a bigger surprise, with a little help from the largely positive reviews, the sort-of Biblical epic opened with a £2.5m take, keeping it ahead of family thriller, Divergent. Richard Ayoade is likely to be the most disappointed director of the week, as his Jesse Eisenberg-led The Double managed just £281k, albeit from limited sites.  

1    Rio 2
2    Captain America: The Winter Soldier
3    Noah
4    Divergent 
5    Muppets Most Wanted
6    The Grand Budapest Hotel
7    La Boheme
8    The Double
9    The Lego Movie
10  Non-Stop

UK Box Office updated 10/4/14: