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wall street 2 1Sb Rating 3 out of 5


  • Oliver Stone


  • Michael Douglas
  • Shia LaBeouf
  • Josh Brolin
  • Carey Mulligan
  • Susan Sarandon
  • Frank Langella


Michael Douglas is back in business as stock market pirate Gordon Gecko in Oliver Stone’s follow-up to his 1987 tale of corporate greed and yuppie excess. But can a Gecko change his spots? Idealistic trader Jacob Moore (Shia Laboeuf) is about to find out when he asks the old fraud to help bring down Wall Street’s most ruthless predator (Josh Brolin). Unfortunately, Moore is engaged to Gecko’s daughter (Carey Mulligan), and she hates the old man’s guts. Stone pulls off the skulduggery in typically bullish style, while the sterling cast maintain a high rate of interest.

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