Walker death car 'travelling too fast'

26 March 2014

Mechanical failure ruled out

The sports car carrying Fast & Furious star Paul Walker was travelling at speeds up 94 mph "much too high for the road in question," an accident investigation has concluded.

The 40-year-old star was in a Porsche Carrera GT being driven by his friend Roger Rodas when it went out of control on a suburban street in Santa Clarita, about 30 miles north-west of  Los Angeles.

The vehicle - which was estimated to be travelling at between 81 and 94 mph - slammed into a light pole with a 45 mph speed limit sign and burst into flames. Walker and Rodas died at the scene.

Investigators with the Los Angeles county sheriff's department and California highway patrol concluded that unsafe speed, not mechanical problems, caused the November 30 crash, the sheriff's department said.

The German car company sent engineers to California to review the car's wreckage and there were no signs of any problems with the car's electrical systems, brakes, throttle, fuel system, steering, suspension or other systems that might have caused the crash.

"The results of the investigation show that, according to all the available evidence, this crash was caused by dangerous driving at speeds much too high for the road in question," Porsche said in a written statement. "We stand by our Carrera GT and by the investigation."