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1 September 2010 by Tim Evans

It was never going to take a lot of effort to satirically nail the long-suffering Twilight love triangle between Bella, a vampire and his werewolf rival-for-affection.

Yet it seems to have brought out the best (well, better) in serial spoof merchants Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, who have never been so focussed in their mickey-taking mash-ups.

Rather than clumsily referencing a dozen or so movies from the same genre a la Disaster Movie, they lock onto the absurdities of the Twilight saga (spoilt for choice, really) and really sink their teeth in.

The ace in their parodic pack is Jenn Proske, who plays Becca Crana completely straight, even when she’s gussied up as a dominatrix and being catapulted through a ceiling.

Similarly, Matt Lanter’s Edward is so close to Robert Pattinson’s moody vampire that you can only spot the difference when his chosen mode of transport is a Segway rather than an SUV.

The humour won’t win any awards for sophistication (most of it seems to have been lifted from Charlie Caroli) but the selective approach works well when previous efforts ended an unstructured mess.