Tyson "to play Werner's axe murderer"

10 February 2014

From boxing to axing.

Maverick director Werner Herzog has landed a knock-out blow with plans to cast Mike Tyson as an axe murderer in forthcoming drama Vernon God Little.

Tyson, who has previously played himself in The Hangover series and Scary Movie 5, will portray the character that delivers the line in the Booker Prize-winning novel that gives the book and film its title.

Austin Abrams has been cast in the title role and plays a teenager who goes to pieces when his best friend murders their classmates and he's hauled in by police for questioning.

Sasha Pieterse will plays his love interest while Russell Brand is on board as dodgy tabloid reporter desperately seeking a fresh angle on the story.

The Hollywood Reporter also said that Pamela Anderson is in talks to take undisclosed role.