TV Bomb 'Manimal' Gets Reboot?!

18 September 2012

With a few very notable exceptions, when a TV show runs for eight episodes, it's usually because it A) wasn't very good and B) wasn't very popular. 

But that won't stop Sony from attempting to resurrect Manimal, the short lived US TV show about a crime-fighter who could change into any animal he wished at the drop of a hat. 

The show ran for eight episodes in 1983 and starred Simon MacCorkindale (obviously) as the suave, James Bond-esque vigilante with a penchant for turning into a leopard. Or dog.  

With Sony finding success with The Smurfs and ALF coming our way sometime soon, it's not THAT surprising that another 80s show is getting the big screen treatment. We just assumed someone would pick up the cartoon Dungeons and Dragons before something like this. 

Producer Glen A. Larson, responsible for so many 80s TV shows (Magnum PI, Battlestar Galactica and Knight Rider included) is said to be involved with the adaptation. That'll help. 

You can see some very confused animals watching a Manimal transformation sequence below.