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Animated Tron TV Series Confirmed

29 December 2010 by Matt Risley

Tron-Legacy-(19)A 10 part animated Tron series is heading to the small screen.asfdsa Tron fans may have had to wait 28 years between the original and Tron Legacy, but it won't be long before their next Tron hit.

The sci-fi epic will be heading to TV in a 10-part animation.

Tron: Legacy's writers Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis has revealed their plans to create a miniseries that will aim to tell the story of what happened  in the grid between movies.

Horowitz told Box Office Magazine that not only do they have substantial studio support behind the project, but they have an A-List voice cast lined up too.

Tron Legacy SpecialMore Lightbikes!"We've hired an incredible team; we've got a guy running the show named Charlie Bean who is an amazing director..... We're treating it very seriously."

"The animated show will take place from when Flynn is in a safe house," he teased. "It's from when Clu takes over the grid to before when Sam comes in. So if you were wondering what the grid was like before that, then watch the show."

"Bruce Boxleitner is in it, Elijah Wood, Linda Moore, Paul Reubens, Lance Henriksen. I mean, we've got a really cool group of actors," Horowitz raved.

In regards to a straight up movie sequel, Legacy's tepid box office returns have thrown doubt on a threequel, although talk of Tron 3 has been circulating since before Tron: Legacy's release, with both cast and crew keen to continue the story.

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