Trailer Released For Gambit Remake

24 September 2012
The Coen Bros latest remake (albeit as producers) has a trailer. 
The Coens have had a hit-and-miss time of it on the remakes front, with The Ladykillers failing to impress and True Grit thoroughly improving on the original. 
Their latest is a crime-caper based on the Michael Caine comedy, starring Colin Firth in the Caine role as Harry Deane, an art dealer who works for the remarkably unpleasant Lionel Shabander (Alan Rickman). 
When Harry finally grows tired of his boss's ways, Harry tricks him into buying a fake Monet - with the help of glamourous Texan rodeo-er PJ Puznowski (Cameron Diaz). 
Unsurprisingly for Coen-scripted movie, things don't go exactly to plan…