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17 July 2013

Younger fans bamboozled by the retina-blasting glories of today's computer-generated cartoon leviathans could do well to head back the familiar territory of Disney's Peter Pan.

After striking out on her own in The Lost Treasure and The Great Fairy Rescue, Tink (Whitman) finds herself venturing into the forbidden Winter Woods, the realm of the winter fairies.

It's here that she meets Periwinkle (Hale), a frost fairy who it transpires was born of the same baby's laugh as Tinker Bell, thus making them sisters...and best friends.

However, despite being determined to remain together, they're warned by Winter Woods royalty Queen Clarion (Huston) and Lord Milori (Dalton) that warm-season and winter fairies are never meant to mix.

Although filmed using state of the art computer animation, directors Roberts Gannaway and Peggy Holmes have opted for a traditional warmth familiar to old school Disney devotees even if they're not hand drawn.

The film is also confident tackling real issues - global warming, prejudice - yet never patronises while maintaining a determinedly child-friendly vibe.