Three Avatar sequels to be shot in New Zealand

16 December 2013

Cameron goes Kiwi.

It was long suspected, but now it’s confirmed: James Cameron will be shooting three sequels to Avatar in New Zealand.

Announcing the news at a Wellington press conference with NZ Prime Minister John Key, Cameron confirmed that he will make three new films in the small island country, again set in the alien world of Pandora.

The original Avatar was shot in New Zealand and went on to be the biggest-grossing film in history, with a hefty $2.8bn in the bank.

New Zealand has become something of a filmmaker paradise since Peter Jackson shot the original Lord of the Rings trilogy there, and went on to shoot the Hobbit prequel trilogy there too.

James Cameron has now stated he intends to make all his films in the country, which benefits from a plurality of landscapes - including snow-topped mountains and white sandy beachs - in which to film.

The country also houses Weta Workshop and Weta Digital, the effects companies made famous for their work in the Lord of the Rings and since used on a number of major productions.

New Zealand’s government has also been keen to attract large-scale film projects to its shores with generous tax breaks and financial assistance. It’s been reported that the NZ government will provide approximately 25% of the budget for the three Avatar sequels.

Cameron has already begun work on the scripts, and shooting could begin in 2015, with the films released one-a-year from 2016.

[Source: Guardian]