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1 October 2010 by Rich Phippen

Picking up where Breaking Dawn Part 1 left off, newly-turned vampire Bella awakens from her bite-induced hangover to discover she's in possession of a natty set of super skills - running, climbing, super strength and lip-biting, along with a weirdly CG-ed hybrid daughter, who's ageing at an advanced rate. 

That, combined with her best pal Jacob's (Taylor Lautner) insistence that he's deeply in love with the two-day-old (it's a werewolf thing) ought to be enough to fry the mind of any mother. Not the new Mrs Cullen.

Apparently born to be a vampire, Bella takes it all in her not insubstantial strides, much to the amusement of hubby Edward. 

But then fortune-telling vamp Alice (Ashley Greene) drops more crockery in slo-mo shock, and announces that trouble is afoot. A member of the vampire rulers aka the Vulturi has spotted the child, and, confused about its origins, has convinced the evil leader Aro (Michael Sheen) that a crime has been committed. 

So the Vulturi head to the town of Forks to punish the new parents. Fortunately, the Cullens have a plan - get all their mates from around the world to see that the kid has a human side, and hopefully the villains will leave them alone.