The Top 10 Steven Soderbergh Movies

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"I look at other filmmakers and see skills in them that I wish I had but I know that I don't. I feel like I have to work really hard to keep myself afloat" - Steven Soderbergh

Few Oscar-winning Hollywood directors have a career as varied as that of Steven Soderbergh. His 1989 debut Sex, Lies and Videotape won the Palm D'Or at Cannes and reinvigorated independent filmmaking in Hollywood.

He has made big budget glossy blockbusters with A-List talent, and he has shot experimental films on video using porn stars in the leads. He has won Academy Awards, and had movies savaged by angry critics. He is one of the most technically proficient directors in Hollywood; equally at home writing, directing, editing, and operating a camera.

Even his failures are fascinating.

In the week his latest (and acclaimed) movie Side Effects arrives in the UK, we take a look at Soderbergh's 10 finest films. And what a fantastically disparate selection of films they are.