The Oscar-nominated The Great Beauty is in Sky Store now

23 January 2014

Feast your eyes on the stunning, Oscar-nominated drama The Great Beauty in Sky Store now.

The-Great-Beauty-KASixty-five-year-old cultural critic Jep (Toni Servillo) is jaded by Rome's dolce vita and idly dreams of returning to writing fiction.

However, he is still much in demand as a sort of Italian Oscar Wilde, dispensing waspish quips as he wryly rolls up at an endless round of parties attended by models, actors and ageing hedge fund lotharios.

Maverick director Paulo Sorrentino is on firm, home ground with this intoxicating glimpse into the city's impolite society, a world of scandal, strippers and artists partying among the city's ruins.

The Great Beauty is nominated for a best foreign film Academy Award and is available in the Sky Store now.