Switch on The Machine in Sky Store

20 March 2014

The MachineThe Machine is the most exciting British sci-fi thriller of the year, and you can catch it in Sky Store on Friday 21 March, the same day as cinemas.

Set in the near future, the story follows troubled scientist Vincent (Toby Stephens) as he seeks to perfect radical artificial intelligence techniques to heal wounded soldiers at a secret military base.

But when he brings in American expert Ava (the terrific Caity Lotz) to help, she senses that the project has a more sinister purpose. She's not wrong.

Influenced by futuristic classics from Blade Runner to The Terminator, writer-director Caradog W James has created a compelling, award-winning techno-thriller that will make you shudder and think.

See the trailer here.

To see where The Machine fits into the timeline of cinema's greatest cyber-females, check out our enlightening infographic:

Fembots-in-film-The Machine-2014