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24 May 2007 by Barry Norman

Whether The Lord of the Rings is entirely true to Tolkien's book is neither here nor there.

We are not discussing a novel; we are discussing a film, one that looks spectacular, is packed with action and very well acted.

The story tells of a perilous journey by Frodo, the hobbit (Elijah Wood) and his companions to return a magical ring.

The ring, which has the power to plunge the world into evil, must be taken to its place of origin and be destroyed.

Peter Jackson's film - the first of a trilogy - is both ambitious and a labour of love.

Its creation of a world inhabited by mystical creatures such as hobbits, elves, wizards and dwarves is undoubtedly successful.

It is sumptuous - if perhaps over-violent for the under-tens - and splendidly played.

Of particular note are Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen (as a wizard), Ian Holm (another hobbit), Viggo Mortensen (a human knight) and Cate Blanchett (an elf queen).