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24 May 2013

The classic premise of a wedding day fraught with potential disasters provides fertile opportunities for a rip-roaring comedy.

So why has this managed to miss practically all of them?

No cliche is left buried, no formula quietly ignored or slapstick device sidelined...and yet it's about as funny as a migraine.

First-time director Jesse Lawrence, working from a script co-written by Noel Clarke, seeks to emulate the likes of Bridesmaids and The Hangover yet would struggle to fight its corner on the shopping channel.

Talulah Riley - who deserves far better - plays Alexandra, a level-headed young thing cursed with fickle family and friends including a sex-crazed bridesmaid who goes AWOL and Mena Suvari, who must be ruing what's happened since American Beauty.

Laddish groom Jeremy (McNulty) has inexplicably left the plans for the big day in the hands of his  WWF-obsessed buddies plus dim-bulb best man Peter (Clarke). What could possibly go wrong?

Cue the longest 90 minutes you'll spend this year as Pete drops the ring into a vomit-filled toilet, Alexandra noisily evacuates her bowels and a cuckolded bridesmaid is placated with a sex toy.

Then there's the vengeful ex who's determined that the big day will be a disaster and misogynist plot strand that's in good company with the casual racism and sniggering homophobia to be found elsewhere.

Knot funny.