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22 May 2014 by Tim Evans

The attractions of working for Google are many.

You will be a part of white-hot technology company that is at the cutting edge of contemporary culture. You can ride around on multi-coloured bikes munching on complementary muffins. And, of course, you don't have to pay any tax.

For jobless sales rep team Billy (Vaughn) and Nick (Wilson) working for Google is a last resort as their familiar world of high pressure pitching has been replaced by computer algorithms that do away with old-fashioned hard sell. 

Wangling their way onto the Californian company's intern scheme with a some dubious qualifications, they are immediately out of their depth among the legions of digitally savvy bright young things also seeking a coveted role with the Internet giant.

Obliged to join a scratch team of other less obvious candidates, including an html-literate mother's boy, a foxy programmer and a buzzword-spouting nerd, they have to complete a series of tasks with the winning team becoming full-time Googlers.

However, Billy and Nick's remorseless sales patter looks out of place in this sun-kissed nerd utopia and there's also trouble ahead from ruthlessly competitive British rival Graham (Minghella).

If you can ignore the eulogising of Google as a pinnacle of corporate altruism, there's fun to be had as the likeable forty-somethings - recapturing the comedy chemisty of Wedding Crashers - teach the tech-savvy whippersnappers the value of human connection.

The gags - co-written by Vaughn - keep coming and the gawkily amenable characters gently poke fun at an organisation that - with its nap-pods, free food and earnest worthiness - invite a satirical kicking.