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KA The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Rating 3 out of 5


  • Don Scardino


  • Steve Carell
  • Steve Buscemi
  • Jim Carrey
  • Olivia Wilde
  • Alan Arkin
  • James Gandolfini


Legendary magician Burt Wonderstone (Steve Carell) splits from his longtime Las Vegas stage partner Anton Marvelton (Steve Buscemi) after a guerrilla street magic man (Jim Carrey) steals their thunder. Reduced to performing tricks in a retirement home, he discovers one old resident (Alan Arkin) is his childhood magician hero. Reinvigorated, he returns to the fray... and reteams with Anton to perform one final, incredible stunt. 30 Rock director Don Scardino conjures up a likeable comedy that casts a spell thanks to first-rate performances and the odd detour into darker territory.

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