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23 January 2013 by Elliott Noble

Sandra Bullock inverts her Miss Congeniality persona as Special Agent Sarah Ashburn, the most observant, intuitive, and insufferable know-all in the FBI’s New York office.

Despatched to Boston to take down a drug cartel run by a faceless kingpin, Ashburn finds herself lumbered with the worst possible partner in Detective Shannon Mullins (McCarthy), an eff-bombing loose cannon straight outta the “gonna tear you a new one” school of police work.

Ashburn’s fancy psychological techniques don’t wash with Mullins. In fact, Mullins don’t wash much at all. But she does have an awesome armoury in her kitchen and had enough integrity to send her own addict brother (Michael Rapaport) to prison.

This obviously makes her a pariah to the rest of her lowlife clan. So what with her family problems and Ashburn’s confidence issues (of course her aloofness is all a front), there’s plenty of potential for sisterly bonding.

Et voila, off we go for various genre-approved rounds of night clubbing, perp dangling, binge drinking, authority flouting, screw-ups, put-downs and stand-offs. Plus enough vagina jokes to fill an elephant’s knickers.

The good news is that most of these scenes contain a giggle. The bad news is that Feig doesn’t know when to say “cut”.