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2 September 2011

If a murderous alien invasion ever took place then you'd hope that bankers, estate agents and dot-com entrepreneurs would figure highly on their hit-list.

Unfortunately, irritating internet whizz-kids Sean (Hirsch) and Ben (Minghella) are among the only survivors when an extra-terrestrial force descends on Moscow, zinging the population into a pile of ash and sparks.

Hooking up with a pair of gap year party babes (Thirlby and Taylor), they strike off through the eerily deserted city along with the Russian wideboy who pinched their TripAdvisor-style web idea. Perhaps the entry should read 'don't go to Moscow'.

In novel fashion, their invisible unearthly foes announce their lethal proximity by setting off anything electrical from car alarms to streetlamps.

Yet the guys fight back, finding sanctuary with a renegade electrician who has put together a gun made from bits of microwave oven and a Moscow street gang whose leader has chain mail made out of lots of keys.