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22 April 2014 by Tim Evans

First-time writer-director Tom Gormican makes a novel departure from the tried and tested in a raucous rom-com that's pitched at both girls AND boys. Which basically means tons of k**b gags.

Delivering most of these are Zac Efron and Miles Teller, who play yuppie book cover designers Jason and Daniel. Post-work, they trawl the bars of lower Manhattan, hooking pliant fillies with a sparkling line in patter and the lure of a chic Manhattan loft for after-partying.

Their shag-happy bromance is extended to hitherto happily-married buddy Mikey (Jordan) when he discovers his wife is making out with a hunky divorce lawyer who looks like Morris Chestnut.

It appears to be business as usual - Jason zeroes in on blonde publishing assistant Ellie (Poots) only to make a premature exit from her bed when he spots carelessly discarded boots, a fistful of condoms and ready cash (apparently the sure-fire indicators of a part-time hooker).

Except that she's not...and when she turns up for a pitch in book designer's offices he's forced to woo her all over again, a seduction that is sealed when he pinches the keys for the posh residents-only Grammercy Park and turns up to her birthday party in an outfit procured from a sex shop.

Of course, this goes against his commitment-phobe inclinations and he's obliged to let her down when she needs him most. Meanwhile, Daniel is keen hang on to his rep as a motor-mouthed player...but has fallen before his BF Chelsea (Davis).