Teaser for Iron Man 3 Superbowl TV Spot

31 January 2013 by Mikey Papadopoulos

A trailer for a trailer

It's a curious, recent phenomenon of releasing teaser spots for teaser spots. We can't decide if it's marketing foolishness or marketing genius. Either way, a new teaser for the Iron Man 3 Superbowl TV spot has landed.

The Superbowl is traditionally the biggest US TV audience of the year so advertising space is expensive- almost $4m for a 30 second spot. Yes, you read that correctly. That means the adverts tend to be high profile, and pretty cool.

There is also a new poster of a freefalling Tony Stark looking like he may have just taken a bit of a kicking.

Here's a flavour of what US audiences will enjoy as they pop to the fridge for another beer. We should have the whole spot in full on Monday...

Iron Man 3 arrives on 26th April