Taken 3 is happening

30 January 2014

Forest Whitaker may be Whitaken.

There will be a third film in the hugely successful action franchise Taken, which will see Liam Neeson returning - potentially alongside new cast member Forest Whitaker.

The quite-absurdly-named Olivier Megaton, who directed 2012’s Taken 2, will return to helm the threequel.

Also returning is Maggie Grace as Neeson's frequently kidnapped daughter, and Luc Besson as co-writer.

There's no word on what sort of role Whitaker will take, but a script is nearly finished, and shooting could start as early as March.

The original Taken redefined the career of the then-56-year-old Neeson from a dramatic character actor to a fully-fledged ass-kicking action hero.

The Irish actor has since starred in a number of Takenesque movies, including Unknown, The Grey, and the forthcoming Non-Stop, due out later this year.

[Source: CinemaBlend]