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6 March 2009

When robbers talk of stealing rocks, they generally mean jewellery, precious gems and other readily baggable bling. But the rock to be lifted in this particular heist is just that: a quarter-ton slab of sandstone wedged under a throne in Westminster Abbey.

It is the titular Stone of Destiny, aka the Stone of Scone, aka the Coronation Stone; an important chunk of Scottish heritage captured in 1296 by King Edward I, aka 'the Hammer of the Scots' (you may remember him from Braveheart).

Placed beneath the Coronation Chair on which all English monarchs are crowned, the stone is a permanent reminder of England’s domain over all points north. Well, almost permanent...

In 1950, fed up with McNationalists being all mouth and nae troosers, Glasgow University student Ian Hamilton, played here by Stardust's Charlie Cox, conspired to nick the brick and bring it home as a gesture of Scottish defiance.

Inspired and unofficially supported by his patriotic dean (Carlyle), Ian's carefully planned smash-and-grab hits its first snag when his best friend and accomplice Bill (former hobbit Boyd) gets cold feet.

But bonnie wee idealist Kay (Mara) is made of sterner stuff, recruiting her pal Gavin (Stephen McCole) as muscle and his housemate Alan (Ciaron Kelly) for the extra set of wheels.

To London, then, for a Christmas Eve raid. But hoots mon, what's this? Night-time security guards? Anti-jock cops round every corner too! Crivens.

But where there's a Robert the Bruce anecdote, there's a way, and the plucky quartet refuse to give up until they're dancing in the streets from Dumfries to Dundee.