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29 May 2013 by Elliott Noble

While Frank Harper's script takes great glee in referencing war icons from the Red Baron to Winston Churchill, even Henry V would be hard-pushed to describe the motley bunch of drug dealers, murderers, harpies and hooligans it brings together as a "happy few".

Yes my son, it's time to get down the Dog & Cliché once again as we roll out the barrel for London's foremost cousins-in-crime, Mickey Mannock (Harper) and Ray Collishaw (Fairbrass).

Having built an empire on hard drugs, good hidings and bad language, Mickey is still loving the gangster life. Ray, however, is ready to go legit. After all, nobody's getting any younger (except Mickey's girlfriends) and foreigners are muscling in on their business.

That said, everything's cushty until a routine North Sea drug run goes pear-shaped, leaving them in serious debt to a mad Russian mafia boss (so mad he once shot a man to see if a gun worked). Killing the mobster's cousin, albeit unwittingly, does not help their cause.

In true Churchillian fashion, Mickey rallies his troops for one last job, enlisting Ray's mad brother and his firm of football thugs to escort them first to Amsterdam, then to Berlin where a pre-arranged tussle with their German enemies will distract the police while Mickey, Ray and their mad lieutenant Albert (Vincent Regan) make a grab for a huge stash of diamonds.

Unfortunately, there's a grass in their midst. Whoever it is, he must be mad.