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Spy Kids 2 1S Rating 3 out of 5


  • Robert Rodriguez


  • Antonio Banderas
  • Carla Gugino
  • Alexa Vega
  • Daryl Sabara
  • Steve Buscemi


The junior James Bonds are back for their second mission, this time searching for a top secret gizmo on a strange island. But as well as dealing with mad scientist Steve Buscemi, mutant lizards and, er, flying pigs, Carmen and Juni (Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara) must outwit a pair of pint-sized rivals, the highly trained Giggles kids. After the first caper, director Robert Rodriguez maintains the pace with another primary coloured blast of action and cool effects. Carla Gugino and Antonio Banderas also return as mum and dad.

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