Spaghetti Westerns on MGM HD

11 January 2013

MGM HD celebrates the release of Quentin Tarantino's new bullet-strewn epic Django Unchained with a week of trigger happy Spaghetti Westerns. The wagons roll every night at 9pm on Sky channel 313, starting on Monday 14 January with Lee Van Cleef as ice-cool bounty hunter Sabata and followed by Yul Brynner in the sequel Adios Sabata at 10.50pm.

Don't sweat if you miss any of the showdowns during the week - you can catch them all back-to-back on Sunday 20 January from 8.55am.

SabataMonday 14 January
Sabata (1969)
Bank robbers get more than they bargained when Sabata hits their trail.
Adios Sabata (1970)
The price is right for mercenary gunslinger Sabata when Mexican revolutionaries grab a fortune in gold.

Man Of The East (1974)Tuesday 15 January
Man Of The East (1974)
Spaghetti icon Terence Hill stars in the tale of three outlaws who turn a dude from New England into a Western hero.


Hills-Run-RedWednesday 16 January
The Hills Run Red (1967)
Two soldiers organise a heist: one is a decoy, one grabs the loot. But who will come out on top and whose loyalty is tested? Take cover and find out.

MalloryThursday 17 January
My Name Is Mallory (1971)
Gun-toting half breed Larry Mallory (Robert Woods) is hired by an ex-army colonel to help protect his ranch from a malicious local... but there's a romantic spanner in the works.

Friday 18 Januar
Django and Sartanay
Django Kills Softly (1968)
George Eastman stars as the titular hero who helps a group of colonists to fight off a band of Mexican bandits. There are casualties.

Saturday 19 January

Django and Sartana Are Coming... It's The End (1970)
When a maniac outlaw kidnaps a rancher's comely daughter, it comes to the attention of formidable bounty hunter Django (Franco Borelli) and his pal Sartana (Jack Betts).

Pistol-for-DjangoSunday 20 January

A Pistol For Django (1971)
The vicious Cortez brothers fear no one, but snatching Django's fiancee is not their brightest idea.