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21 November 2013 by Tim Evans

The last role you'd expect from Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus now resembling a well-fed Suzi Quatro) is that of a street-smart gumshoe tracking cheating partners with a long lens.

And for the first few scenes of this easy-going comedy it really feels too much of an ask for the young actress who made gazillions warbling about a Party in the USA and living down the fact she was the daughter of the bloke who inflicted Achy Breaky Heart on the world.

So it's with some relief when Jeremy Piven's FBI spook persuades her to infiltrate a fancy-dan sorority house which means a complete makeover courtesy of a fashion idiot and the plump American equivalent of Gok Wan.

She's to protect Alex (McKnight, who looks like Cher before she was remodelled by Mattel), the daughter of a supergrass who's about to turn state's evidence and testify against the mob.