Sky Movies 2014 Preview

2 January 2014

The new year is upon us and as usual Sky Movies will be keeping its resolution to bring you the most exciting new premieres and collections on TV and on demand.

Star-Trek-Into-Darkness-EnterpriseTo kick off 2014, we plunge straight Into Darkness with the latest mission for the Starship Enterprise. Star Trek rebooter JJ Abrams takes the director's bridge once more as Kirk, Spock and the crew unite to prevent a rogue Starfleet officer from blowing Earth to kingdom come.

To celebrate the return of Kirk and co, Monday 6 January marks the start of a dazzling Sci-Fi Season on Sky Movies.

As well as two weeks of back-to-back mind-trips on Sci-Fi & Horror / HD, you'll be able to view a galaxy of otherworldly collections on demand via your set-top box, Sky Go and NOW TV.

The-Host-2013From alien encounters and dystopian futures to time travel, space odysseys, and the family-friendly thrills of our Sci-Fi Jr Collection, you'll be able to pop out of this world whenever you like.

Even Sky Movies Premiere gets in on the act, as author Stephenie Meyer fills the Twilight void with The Host. Saiorse Ronan is the teen rebel forced to share her body with an extraterrestrial soul while more vengeful aliens threaten take over the human race.

DI Oblivion (3)And the titanic clashes don't end there as farm boy Nicholas Hoult finds danger at the top of a beanstalk in fantasy adventure Jack the Giant Slayer before Tom Cruise hurtles towards Oblivion and Brad Pitt is hit by a global zombie epidemic in World War Z.

Thankfully, the father-and-son team of Will and Jaden Smith are on hand to deal with the post-apocalyptic consequences in the futuristic actioner After Earth.

We're also gearing up for the return of Vin Diesel and his fellow road warriors in the brake-busting Fast & Furious 6.

But it's not all crash-bang-wallop as Sky Movies gears up for its exclusively live coverage of The Oscars® on Sunday 2 March with an unrivalled collection of previous winners, available on demand and on our upcoming Sky Movies Oscars channel.

DI Sky Movies SD Oscars LogoNaturally, there are plenty of awards-class premieres to go with it, led by Steven Spielberg's presidential biopic Lincoln featuring a towering performance from last year's Best Actor, Daniel Day-Lewis.

Another remarkable portrayal of a hugely influential figure comes from Anthony Hopkins as Hitchcock, supported in scene-stealing style by Helen Mirren as the great director's wife.

Helen Hunt and John Hawkes were also among last year's Oscar® nominees thanks to their brilliant double act in bittersweet drama The Sessions.

The-Great-Gatsby-1-DIThen there's Leo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby, the spectacular adaptation of F Scott Fitgerald's classic American romance, directed to swoonsome effect by Baz 'Moulin Rouge!' Luhrmann.

Which makes the perfect centre-piece for Sky Movies Valentine, a two-week cuddle-up showcasing the finest love stories around. With a bouquet of romantic perennials available on demand and playing back-to-back on our Valentine channel, you can get in the romantic mood whenever you like.

Is there room to mention the arrival of Scary Movie 5, The Untouchables, Crank, Ali, Children Of Men and Rosemary's Baby in January? No? Oh well, have a fantastic new year anyway.