Sky Box Office Terms & Conditions

26 February 2009 by Rob Daniel


These are the Terms and Conditions that you must keep to if you want to purchase Events offered by Sky on a pay-per-view basis on Sky Box Office.

SSSL will provide customer services in relation to Events as agent for Sky.

Any terms used and not defined will have the same meaning as given in your Sky digital Subscription Contract.

1. Definitions

Conditions: these conditions and any changes we may make to them.
Contract: each contract between you and us, of which the Conditions form part, authorising you to receive an Event.
Event: each television programme or event offered to you by Sky on a pay-per-view basis within the television programme service known as Sky Box Office (but not the Sky Box Office on Sky Player service which is subject to different terms).
Payment: the amount you must pay us for each Event that you order.
Sky digital Subscription Contract: the Contract you have with Sky enabling you to receive the Service.

2. Events

(a) To purchase any Event, you must be a current subscriber under a Sky digital Subscription Contract.   Subject to these Conditions we will supply to you any Event that you order and you are permitted to receive via your Box.

(b) If you purchase any Event by calling us by telephone (for which an administration charge may apply where this method of purchase is offered), then you may cancel your purchase of that Event up to 30 minutes before the start time of that Event if the Event is a movie, or up to five hours before the start time of any other Event.

(c) If you purchase any Event automatically using your Box’s remote control and you tune into it for any length of time (however short), you will be charged in full for that Event. However, if you do not tune into the relevant channel at any point during the showing of that Event or access the recording or download of the Event, then you will not be charged for it.

(d) We can cancel or withdraw any Event at any time. If we do we shall try to advertise the cancellation or withdrawal on your television screen and you will not be liable to pay for it. If an Event is made up of a number of events (e.g.a number of football matches), we can change the event pack. We may change the time at which any Event is shown, and if so we will advertise the changed time on your television screen.

3. Payment

(a) We will tell you in advance what the Payment will be for any Event. We will calculate each month and tell you what Payments you owe us for Events that you have ordered. Payments will be payable by you in the same way as you have chosen to pay your Subscription Payments under your Sky digital Subscription Contract and you will allow us to charge Payments under the Subscription Payment Direct Debit/credit card instruction that you have given to us.

(b) We may from time to time assess your credit standing using credit scoring, and may use information from, and supply information to, outside agencies for this. We will apply reasonable practices for administering your account based on the result of that scoring.

(c) If your address is in the Republic of Ireland, a different charge for any Event may be payable by you in Euros. If we do not quote a different price for such Events you shall pay us the equivalent price in Euros. All prices include VAT (or equivalent) where applicable.

4. Viewing Card

(a) Your Viewing Card will be enabled for each Event for which we have accepted your order, unless you cancel under Condition 2(c) above, or Conditions 2(f) or 6(b) of the Sky digital Subscription Contract apply.

(b) All of your obligations relating to the Viewing Card set out in your Sky digital Subscription Contract apply in respect of use of the Viewing Card to receive any Event.

5. Liability, Copying and Copyright

(a) We will not be liable under the Contract for any Event because of our failure to provide the Event for reasons outside our reasonable control or because of anything for which we have excluded liability under Condition 8 of the Sky digital Subscription Contract.

(b) You must not do (or allow to be done) any of the following in respect of any Event:
(i) copy, redistribute or relay any of the Events;
(ii) sell or make any charge for watching any Event;
(iii) show any Event in public to an audience, even if no charge is made.

(c) We may prevent the copying (for example by video) of any Event. This may be by including signals in the broadcast of an Event which prevent copying of that Event. We may also disable or alter remotely certain functions of your Box so as to prevent you from copying any Event and we may prevent you receiving Events if your decoder allows copying of Events.

6. Changing these Conditions and Termination

We may not change or add to these Conditions for any Event after you have ordered it. If we wish to change the Conditions for future Events, we will tell you, for example by publishing new Conditions in the satellite television magazine, via your on-screen Sky Guide or by a separate notice. We may refuse your order for any Event in our reasonable discretion. We may also (after we have accepted it) terminate the Contract between us in respect of any Event if at any time;
(i) you have not made any payment which is due to us;
(ii) you have broken any of these Conditions in relation to any Event;
(iii) you have broken any of the Conditions of your Sky digital Subscription Contract.

7. Miscellaneous

These Conditions only apply if you live in the UK or Republic of Ireland. Condition 8 (Liability), Condition 12 (Transfer), Condition 13 (Notices) and Condition 14 (Law) of the Sky digital Subscription Contract shall apply to each Contract in respect of an Event to the extent that they are not inconsistent with these Conditions.

These terms do not apply to commercial subscribers. Certain Events may only be available to certain categories of subscriber (for example, subscribers to certain Options) or only to subscribers in certain areas. We will make this clear when the relevant Event is offered.

There are time limits on how long you can retain and view any recorded Sky Box Office content. Details of these time limits are provided to you at the time of purchase or will be displayed on your Sky Planner. Stopping, pausing or re-starting content will not extend the time limits for viewing that content. Once the relevant time limits have expired, the content will be automatically deleted.