Simon Pegg is doing Absolutely Anything

12 December 2013

Pegg joins Pythons.

Monty Python reunion projects are like buses, it seems - you wait thirty years, etc... Following news of the highly-anticipated stage reunion for the legendary British comedy troupe, things are now moving forward for Absolutely Anything, a new film directed by Terry Jones.

The new comedy, which is said to be a blend of live action and CGI, will feature four of the five surviving Pythons - John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, and Jones - voicing CG aliens who give powers to a downtrodden teacher, played by Pegg.

Robin Williams will also lend his voice as Pegg’s dog.

“As someone whose love of comedy was hugely informed by Monty Python, the chance to work with Terry was a gift,” Pegg said to Screen International. “Meeting your heroes is one thing - working with them is something else.

The Pythons made headlines when they announced a series of live shows at the O2 Arena next year, which sold out in record time. It will be the first time the surviving Pythons have performed in a live show together for almost three decades.

Filming on Absolutely Anything is set to begin in March.

[Source: Empire]