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2 June 2010

Seth Rogen's tubby Fozzy Bear comedic assault on the box office paved the way for the geek-chic romcom.

Yet for a genre all about championing acceptance and character flaws, a steady supply of quality Apatow-related gagfests has left it a decidedly dodgy gang to try to muscle in on.

While the clue's in the title, She's Out of My League finds 'Mr Average' Kirk, somewhat unbelievably, hooking up with (for all intents and purposes) 'Miss World' Molly.

With both sides' friends regularly pointing out their massive social differences (he's a '6' – at a push, while she's a red hot '10'), the two valiantly attempt to make it work with crazy exes, disbelieving families and a noticeable lack of self-esteem threatening to tear them apart.