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Next onMon 27 Oct at 2:30AMSky Action/Adventure
shaft 2000 1S Rating 4 out of 5


  • John Singleton


  • Samuel L Jackson
  • Christian Bale
  • Vanessa Williams
  • Jeffrey Wright
  • Toni Collette


Samuel L Jackson fills Richard Roundtree's superfly shoes (but ditches the afro) as John Shaft - the black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks - in this flashy update of the original blaxploitation classic from 1971. Christian Bale sneers it up as Walter Wade Jr, the well-connected scumbag who gets away with murder - until Shaft goes on a personal vendetta to bring him down. Roundtree appears in cameo alongside Jeffrey Wright, Toni Collette and Busta Rhymes. Boyz N The Hood director John Singleton calls the shots, his best one being to retain Isaac Hayes' unbeatable score. Can you dig it?

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