Sex and the City 2 Stumbles Stateside

1 June 2010 by Richard Phippen

Sex-And-The-City-2-66Sex-And-The-City-2-66Sex and the City 2 might not be so review proof after all. After a series of handbag-bashing reviews, the TV show sequel came third in the US box office chart with a luke-warm $37m opening weekend.

It was a safe, but somewhat uninspiring start for Carrie Bradshaw and co. as Sex and the City 2 stuttered to a total of $37.1m for the opening weekend Stateside.

It's a figure that leaves the movie in third place in the chart, behind the animated sequel Shrek Forever After ($57m) and Disney's video game adaptation, Prince Of Persia ($37.8).

Shrek-Forever-AfterMost worringly for the girls from New York, both of those movies were released at least a week before Sex and the City 2.

The recovery of Shrek's fourth movie can be partly attributed to the holiday season. With kids off school, Shrek was always likely to fare better in its second week, but even with that in mind, theatrical takings across the board were down year-on-year ($182m this year compared to $213m for the same period last year), implying that cinemagoers are not impressed with the movies currently on release.

Meanwhile, SATC 2 studio Warner Bros. insisted that the ticket sales would pick up as women would "choose to watch it during the week", apparently rather than during the opening weekend. Ticket sales for opening weekends have become the focus for studios in recent years, so it'll be interesting to see if Carrie and co. recover.

As it stands, SATC2 has taken $78m worldwide, a paltry total compared to the original movie's final haul of $415m.