Samuel L Jackson could star in Die Hard 6

15 April 2014


The Die Hard franchise continues to trundle on, whether anyone wants it to or not. Whatever you thought of last year’s fifth installment, A Good Day To Die Hard - and many people had some quite strong thoughts - it made over $300m at the global box-office. And with star Bruce Willis more than happy to accept another paycheque, another sequel seems inevitable.

Now a new report has suggested Samuel L. Jackson may rejoin the franchise, reprising his role from the third film.

Jackson played Harlem shop owner Zeus in 1995’s Die Hard With A Vengeance who finds himself inextricably linked in to helping John McClane foil the nefarious plans of terrorist Simon Gruber (Jeremy Irons).

Film blog Latino Review, responsible for a number of recent scoops, claimed: “Fox is meeting writers for takes on next Die Hard. It has to involve John McClane and Samuel Jackson's Zeus Carver character”.

20th Century Fox, naturally, have not confirmed anything, and the movie is still in extremely early stages. But we’ll watch this space - it could be an interesting move for the long-running series

[Source: Latino Review]