Sam Mendes Signing On Again For Bond 24?

18 February 2013

Director may be tempted back

After helming the biggest,and one of the most acclaimed Bond movies ever, it's no surprise that EON were keen for Sam Mendes to return for the next Bond production. And they may yet succeed.

SkyfallScreenwriter John Logan originally had plans to make Bonds 24 and 25 a two part story, and perhaps have them shot back to back. However, this huge commitment was said to have disuaded Mendes from signing on, with the result that the next movie will indeed be a stand-alone film.

Mendes is currently working on a couple of theatre projects while waiting to see a finished script but assuming he is happy with the result, he is apparently '75% likely' to sign on.

Good news for all Skyfall fans. Which was pretty much everyone.

Skyfall is currently available to rent in Sky Store

Source: Daily Mail