Rogue agent: Never Say Never Again

4 October 2012

The legal wrangling behind the production of Never Say Never Again read like the labyrinthine plots that unravelled in the Bond movies themselves.

Based on Ian Fleming's Thunderball, (which was previously adapted in 1965) the movie was not produced by Eon Productions (who had made the majority of Bond films) but by an independent production company.

DI Never Say Never Again (3)One member of the alternative team was Kevin McClory, one of the original writers of the Thunderball script with Fleming and Jack Whittingham, who retained the filming rights of the novel following an extended legal battle dating from the 1960s.

The film was directed by Irvin Kershner, who went to make Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, and, like Thunderball, starred Sean Connery as 007, marking his return to the role 12 years after Diamonds Are Forever.

The film's title relates to how Connery announced to the press in 1971 that he would "never again" play Bond.

As the actor was 52 at the time of filming, the story featured an older Bond who is brought back into the fray to investigate the theft of two nuclear weapons by SPECTRE.

Never Say Never Again is showing as part of Sky Movies Bond season.