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1 June 2011 by Francesca Steele

Our smalltown girl living in a lonely world is Sherrie (Hough), who has travelled from Oklahoma to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming a star. Immediately on arrival however, her suitcase - filled not, it seems, with clothes but with her favourite records (of course – who needs clothes when you’ve got music?) - is stolen on Sunset Boulevard. Are Sherrie’s dreams shattered?

Of course not. The dishy Drew (Boneta) arrives just in the nick of time to chase after the thief. He doesn’t get her belongings back, but he does help her get a job as a waitress in The Bourbon Room, a local dive where some of the great rock legends were launched. Drew’s a wannabe singer too. Naturally, they get it on.

But there are obstacles to stardom beyond Drew’s big hair and Sherrie’s charming naivety. The Bourbon Bar is on the brink, the city mayor is trying to stamp out the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle pervading the strip and there’s a new-fangled thing called “boy bands” that might kill off rock for good.