RIP James Rebhorn

24 March 2014

Prolific character actor dies, aged 65

James Rebhorn, the hugely prolific character actor, has died, aged 65.

Rebhorn was the quintessential supporting actor, a face perennially popping up in the background of movies of every ilk. He is credited at IMDB on over 100 movies and TV shows, rarely in the lead role.

Brought up as a Lutheran in the American midwest, his waspish appearance - tall, pale, balding, stern - made him an ideal foil for more heroic leads.

Rebhorn was frequently found in a bland grey suit, occupying antagonistic roles in positions of authority, while letting other actors take centre stage.

He played a cynical Secretary of Defense in Independence Day; a shipping magnate in The Talented Mr Ripley; a headmaster in Scent of a Woman; and a judge in Baby Mama.

He was also known for roles in television, with a recurring parts in Law & Order, White Collar, Enlightened, and more recently, Homeland.

The veteran actor had battled skin cancer for some time. He leaves behind a wife and two children.

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