Best Of The Worst - Razzies 2013 Winners & Nominees

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The 33rd Golden Raspberry Awards aka THE RAZZIES 2013

Regular Sky Movies contributor and Bride of Crapula editor Mikey Papadopoulos salutes the choices of this year' Razzies.

"My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure" -
Abraham Lincoln

No one sets out to make a terrible film. A studio doesn't hand a director tens, sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars and says, 'Do us a favour- see if you can't waste all that...' The indefinable glory of a truly awful film is very special, and very hard to pull off. Many films are bad. Few are catastrophes.

Of course, bad films don't necessarily mean bad box office. Indeed, the runaway success at this year's Razzies grossed $829m, though that didn't stop it being utter rubbish.

The Golden Raspberry Awards, now in their 33rd year are an annual celebration of the very worst films Hollywood has to offer. Now an institution, 'The Razzies' reward movies that show the requisite paucity of skill, wit and entertainment, but that hopefully display an appreciable level of pomposity.

Here is a gallery of the lucky nominees and unlucky winners. Abandon hope all ye who click on...