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14 June 2013 by Tim Evans

Postman Pat would have trouble keeping up with the gung-ho cycling style of New York's tribe of risk-courting despatch riders. Greendale it ain't.

Wilee (Gordon-Levitt) is the leader of the pack, a lithe athlete who turned his back on a career in law to ride without fear (and brakes) delivering packages across Manhattan.

Late one sultry summer afternoon, he gets a seemingly routine call to hot-bike a message from a college way up above Central Park down to Chinatown.

However, when shifty cop Michael Brown (Shannon) tries to con the package from him, Wilee finds he's got to count on his cycling skills and insider knowledge of the city to stay one wheel in front.

Running almost in real time, co-writer and director David Koepp has put together an enjoyably lightweight thriller that plays out like Disney with a bit more violence and the occasional expletive.

Gordon-Levitt looks the part, gamely mounting up for numerous thrills and spills while - by the look of it - doing a lot of the breakneck riding himself.

Shannon is pegged a wrong 'un before he's breathed a word and there's cute, if superfluous, support from a glowing Dania Ramirez as Wilee's free-wheeling girlfriend.

Mount up...and get on it.