Where's Willis? Find The Action Stars In London

7 April 2004 by Richard Phippen

We took a panoramic picture of London and there just happens to be a host of action movie references in it! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find them.

Sky Movies has gone action hero mad this April with a whole month of action films shown in high definition so you can see every bullet, every muscle, every shard of glass in more detail than ever before.

But we're not the only ones. We were taking some very cool zoom-able pictures of the London skyline last week (the one below was taken from the roof of the IET building) and have found that the whole of the South Bank seems to have gone action hero crazy.

To kick you off, there's a guy with an uncanny likeness for Bruce Willis on a nearby bridge...

See how you do and drop your comments to

To help in your search, check out the full Action Season line-up -including all the Die Hards in HD - here...