OscarĀ® snubs: the overlooked of 2014

14 February 2014

And the winner isn't...

Tom Hanks headed the list of potential Academy Award nominees who lost out on Oscar night glory.

The two-time winner, who was last nominated for 2001 drama Cast Away, was strongly fancied to get a nod for his steely performance as a freighter skipper in the pirate thriller Captain Phillips.

Saving-Mr-BanksSharing a consolatory drink with him would be Emma Thompson, his hotly-tipped Saving Mr Banks co-star who hasn't been nominated since Sense & Sensibility in 1996.

Joining them might be the Coen Brothers, whose critically-acclaimed folkie drama Inside Llewyn Davis missed out on Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay...and even Best Song from a film stuffed full of them.

Robert Redford also appeared a contender for his gritty solo performance in the all-at-sea thriller All Is Lost but was cast adrift by the Academy despite getting a nod at the Golden Globes.

Joaquin Phoenix's avowed policy about not campaigning for awards recognition appeared to have paid off as he never made the cut for Best Actor...although the film Her attracted a Best Picture nomination.

Inside-Llewyn-Davis-DIThe makers of motor-racing drama Rush should feely genuinely aggrieved as the hi-octane yarn - which prompted talk of a Best Supporting actor nom for Daniel Bruhl - failed to get off the starting grid and didn't get a single nomination.

Monsters University's failure to earn a nomination for best animated feature marks only the second time a Pixar movie hasn't earned a nom since the category was introduced in 2002. Cars 2 was overtaken in 2011.

Worthy American historical drama The Butler, which appeared to tick all the boxes including an Oscar-baiting performance from Oprah Winfrey, also ended up empty-handed.

However, perhaps the greatest injustice was the lack of a Makeup and Hairstyling nomination for the sensational barnets and syrups sported in American Hustle.