Olympus Has Fallen trailer banned for being scary

6 March 2014

“This Is Not A Drill” message is actually a drill.

A trailer for the Gerard Butler action move Olympus Has Fallen has been banned in the US and its makers fined after a number of people complained that it was "confusing".

The trailer for the movie, which depicts North Korean terrorists overthrowing the White House and taking the president hostage, featured government sirens and the words "THIS IS NOT A DRILL" and "THIS IS NOT A TEST" flash up on screen.

Despite the presence of movie stars such as Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart, the trailer generated several complaints.

The promo had some complainants "jumping out of bathtubs and racing towards the screen" in panic, according to the AP.

The makers of the trailer have been fined $1.9 million.

A sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, imaginatively titled London Has Fallen, is due to start shooting this spring - with luck, any trailers for the new film won’t terrify paranoid Americans.

[Source: Yahoo]