Old School Action on Sky Movies HD

7 August 2012

As Messrs Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis, Norris and Van Damme join forces for the ultimate action star reunion in The Expendables 2, you are advised to take cover as Sky Movies unleashes a barrage of blockbusters from their heyday.

Every night between Monday 13 and Sunday 19 August, SM Action & Adventure HD will be lobbing three movie grenades your way. So dig out that bandana and prepare for a masterful display of jaw-dropping firepower and old fashioned kick-assery.



missing in action DI10.45pm  Missing In Action
Gung-ho Chuck Norris fightfest, featuring the macho karate star as an American colonel determined to bring home the GIs locked in Vietnamese prisons.


missing in action 2 DI12.30am  Missing In Action 2: The Beginning
Nozza's heroic colonel returns to take the fall so his squad can escape. Unfortunately it leaves him tied and tortured in a hellish Vietnamese prison. For a while...


braddock DI 22.10pm  Braddock: Missing In Action 3
In his third unsanctioned tour of duty, Chuck returns to Saigon to rescue the wife and child he was forced to leave behind. Once again, however, he must confront his old adversary: the sadistic General Quoc.



SVOD-DI The One9.45pm  The One (2001)
Power-hungry agent Jet Li scours the universes killing off alternate versions of himself. Now, only one version remains. Sci-fi thriller with Jason Statham and Carla 'Sin City' Gugino.


eraser DI11.15pm  Eraser
Arnold Schwarzenegger is a US Marshal assigned to protect a vital witness from high-powered criminals. Armed and dangerous action as Arnie battles gangsters and 'gators.


Uncommon Valor DI 21.10am  Uncommon Valor
US Army colonel Gene Hackman recruits a crew of tough Vietnam vets to go in search of his MIA son. Thrilling gung-ho action co-starring Patrick Swayze.




the 13th warrior DI 0611.10pm  The 13th Warrior
Antonio Banderas is in full hero mode in this breathtaking action adventure, which finds him fighting deadly creatures alongside a band of Nordic warriors.


rapid fire DI 312.55am  Rapid Fire
Chicago student Brandon Lee is caught in the crossfire of a gangland war. After he witnesses one murder too many, he takes the law into his own fists of fury.


Firewalker DI2.35am  Firewalker
Soldiers of fortune Chuck Norris and Louis Gossett Jr team up with wealthy stranger Melody Anderson on a perilous Aztec treasure hunt. Entertaining jungle jaunt.



bloodsport DI10.15pm  Bloodsport
Rock-hard commando Jean-Claude Van Damme goes AWOL to compete in the Kumite - a clandestine martial arts contest held in Hong Kong. Crunching fights, fuelled by revenge.


Machete DI 211.55am  Machete
Danny Trejo is on a bloody mission of revenge in Robert Rodriguez's grisly grindhouse romp. Jessica Alba, Robert De Niro, Steven Seagal and more flesh out the starry cast.


invasion usa DI 31.45am  Invasion USA
Chuck Norris plays an ex-CIA agent who springs into action when a gang of foreign mercenaries begin terrorising south east America. Explosive thriller based on a story by Catherine Cookson (just kidding).



over the top DI11pm  Over The Top
Tough trucker Sylvester Stallone attempts to win back his estranged son by triumphing in the world arm-wrestling championships. Hands down the greatest movie about the sport ever made.


predators DI12.40am  Predators
Marooned on a distant planet, a group of trained killers are picked off by alien hunters. Adrien Brody stars in this rollicking reboot of the Arnie-started franchise.


american ninja DI 22.30am  American Ninja
Posted to the Philippines, army man Michael Dudikoff uses his martial arts skills to fend off a hijack, but faces the vengeance of the deadly Black Ninja. Cult 80s action.




Delta Force, The DI11.20pm  The Delta Force
When Arab terrorists hijack a passenger jet, Special Forces warrior Chuck Norris negotiates the only way he knows how. Bazooka bonanza with Lee Marvin.


Delta Force 2 DI1.30am  Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection
The Chuckster and his team skydive into Latin America to hunt down a cocaine kingpin who is holding US agents hostage. There are casualties.


american ninja 2; the confrontation DI3.30am  American Ninja 2: The Confrontation
With US Marines mysteriously vanishing, two martial arts experts infiltrate a criminal empire to take on assassins. Michael Dudikoff returns for more western ninjocity.



Kiss of the Dragon DI 211.10pm  Kiss Of The Dragon
Martial arts tornado Jet Li rips through Paris to take down corrupt cop Tcheky Karyo and his evil goons, with help from escort Bridget Fonda. Bone crunching action from Luc Besson.


perfect weapon, the DI 212.55am  The Perfect Weapon
Martial arts thrills and spills as a street fighter stalks Chinatown in a vengeful search for the Korean mobsters responsible for the death of his guardian.


american ninja 3 DI 22.25am  American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt
A crazed scientist lures two martial arts experts to his island, intent on testing lethal bacteria on the world's finest fighters. Steve James replaces original ninja Michal Dudikoff for the third chop-buster.