Nicolas Cage may have bought an illegal dinosaur skull

29 October 2013

Put the Brontosaurus back in the box!

The only thing stranger than a Nicolas Cage character is Nicolas Cage himself, it seems.

This is a man who built a nine-foot pyramid in a New Orleans cemetery for his eventual death. A man so obsessed with Elvis that he married his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. A man who once claimed to avoid eating animals who had “undignified” sex.  A man almost as famous for internet memes as he is for his first career as an actor.

Now, the eccentric star of such recent cinematic classics as Drive Angry and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance appears to have found himself embroiled in a bizarre fossil crime controversy.

Back in 2007, Cage bought the skull of Tyrannosaurus bataar (a close relative of the T rex) at auction, paying a mere $276,000 and apparently outbidding Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Telegraph is now reporting that the skull may have been previously stolen by a fossil smuggler who illegally imported stolen artefacts from Mongolia and China.

In events that could have been lifted from a less exciting National Treasure sequel, the US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement division is investigating smuggler Eric Prokopi whose auction house sold several precious fossils, and may yet seize Cage’s 67-million-year-old skull.

At this point, nothing surprises us when it comes to Nicolas ‘I Should Be Locked Up In A’ Cage.

Source: Telegraph