New trailer delivered for Postman Pat

2 April 2014

And his black-and-white cat.

Here’s a brand new trailer for Postman Pat: The Movie, a fairly, erm, interesting-looking adaptation of everyone's favourite Royal Mail employee.  

Admittedly the target audience for Postman Pat is a little younger than those of us in the Sky Movies office... but is this really in the spirit of the classic animation? Did Jess always half-talk when he meowed? Does the thumping American music over the top really help sell this?

For those of you with children, do show it to them and let us know what they thought. We're dying to know...  

The plot involves Patrick Clifton, aka Pat, becoming an overnight sensation after entering a singing contest. For some reason, an evil corporation then makes robot Pats in order to take over the world. But enough from us - take a look for yourselves...